IT consultancy services & Software professional services:

The key services includes:

• SAP Business intelligence software developer

• Qlikview business intelligence software developer

• Analysis of Decision support systems

• Implementation of business intelligence.

• Business intelligence corporate training

• Analytics

Business Advisory and Management Consultancy Services:

The key services includes:

•  Business Assessment

•  Business Strategy Consulting

•  Financial Consulting and Management Controls

•  Human Resource Consulting

•  Business Planning Services

•  Small Business Advisory and Consulting Services

•  Sales and Marketing Strategy

•  Business Acquisitions and Restructuring Consulting

•  Merchandising and Planning

•  Coaching and Mentoring

•  International Business Consulting

•  Application Consulting

•  Business Research

Life Sciences Services:

The key consulting services includes:

•  Product Development

•  Clinical Trials

•  Regulatory Affairs

•  Manufacturing

•  Supply Chain